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The field of PodiatricMedicine offers a lot of diversity – it is way beyond just looking at the anatomyof the foot and ankle. It incorporates every subject you can imagine – Sports medicine, Diabetic wound care, Dermatology, Radiology,Biomechanics, Pediatrics, Surgery, Research, Teaching, etc.

Post Graduate Certificate Program

in Diabetic Foot International College of Podiatric Medicine

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Considering the scope and need of podiatrists in Pakistan, we aim to prepare the next generation of specialized professionals.

After you graduate from this course, you’ll be ready to excel as some of the first accredited podiatrists of Pakistan.

Why Podiatry?

Our Team

Mr. Martin McGeough

Founder & CEO

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Ms. Aisha Wajahat

Director of Operations, Consultant Podiatrist

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Mr. Frank Sharkey

Commercial Director

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Prof Robert Ashford

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Emily Haworth

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Mr. Abid

Sports Podiatrists

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Mr. Tausif Podiatrist

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Our Vision

Our vision is to start the process of establishing and building a solid Podiatric Medicine Education system in Pakistan, designed to train and treat a growing nation, professionally and at scale.

We are also going through the process to prepare to launch an undergraduate program also.

This will be a 4-year degree in Podiatric Medicine, endorsed by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow, UK, the Pakistan HEC and other relevant bodies. ICPM will deliver a structured and trusted education system for podiatric medicine, training local Pakistani podiatrists to deliver foot and ankle care to the population.

Our first program is to start the process to train the trainers and build skills within the medical community. Hence, we are launching a Post Graduate Certificate in Diabetic Foot.

We will teach the first accredited podiatrists of Pakistan, creating not only educational opportunities and jobs, but deliver an improved service for patients and the community.

Build the first, internationally recognised podiatric colleges in Pakistan.

Train the first accredited podiatrists of Pakistan to deliver foot and ankle care throughout the country.

Create educational opportunities, jobs and an improved service for patients and the community.

ICPM is a passionate, skilled team of individuals committed to improving the foot health, education and lives of the people of Pakistan.   

Our Team
Martin McGeough, CEO Consultant Podiatrist