Why Podiatric Medicine?

- what is podiatric medicine?

Podiatry is a branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis, and the medical and surgical treatment of feet, ankles and lower limb disorders. 

Conditions treated by podiatrists range from minor ailments such as nail and skin complaints to more complicated problems like diabetic ulcers, arthritic conditions and bone deformities. If ignored, these symptoms can transform into life-altering complications.

- Post Graduate Certificate in Diabetic Foot -Target Persona

Dr Khan is an existing medical practitioner in a hospital in Faisalabad. She has a background in Accident and Emergency medicine, but has a keen interest in Diabetic Foot. She sees many patients coming through the hospital that initially have foot or leg ulcers, and end up getting foot and lower limb amputations. She knows that this is heartbreaking for them and their families. She also understands that with the right preventative measures, education and proactive work, that many of these amputations are avoidable.

She also appreciates that Diabetic foot as a discipline is not taught in any depth in medical school, and thus their training is very limited.

They have not been trained in spotting the early signs, and do not have the tools to properly diagnose and recommend prevention plans. So, in short, she realises that most medical practitioners, hospitals and health care providers are not well informed in how they can deal with it.

She would like to learn more about Diabetic foot at a medical and professional level, but does not know where to start, and there does not appear to be any options to get this level of expertise at a practical level, without travelling overseas, typically to the US or UK.

- TArget Market

Our target market is medical practitioners in Pakistan who have a genuine interest in investing in their skills and competence in the area of Foot medicine and Diabetic Foot in particular. They realise that there is a genuine need for skills in this area, an opportunity for professional skill development and career progression and differentiation. They also appreciate that with this skillset that they can add significant value to their hospital, practice and to the patients that they serve.

- Why is this coursedifferent?

-> It provides world leading podiatric medicine training in Pakistan on a (relatively) flexible basis.
-> It provides this specifically in the ailment discipline of highest need (Diabetic Foot).
-> It provides a hybrid delivery enabling a more flexible attendance.
-> This hybrid delivery is a combination of live and online lectures, interactive sessions, supported with extensive hands-on clinical practice.
-> This clinical practice will be delivered throughout the course in Islamabad, and for participants further away on a concentrated 1–2-week basis.
-> Final examination and assessment will include written, oral and clinical assessment in order to be awarded this certificate.
-> Some of the lectures will be delivered by acknowledged thought leaders in this field.
-> There will be a follow-up continual education support mechanism made available to successful students.
-> This is the first qualification and cohort of its kind in Pakistan.
-> It is accepted a for credit purposes for the forthcoming Masters Degree in Podiatric Medicine offered at STMU (planned for 2023).

- Application and placeallocation process

1.     High level content made available via the web  www.ic-PM.org
2.    Initial enquiry received via online form requesting for further details  
      a.    Includes: name email, contact details.
      b.    Medical qualification and area of practice.     
       c.    Geographic location
3.   We can then send Standard Course details, with pricing and terms, and link to proceed to formal expression of interest.
4.   We will then contact them to confirm attendance, terms and arrange payment.
5.   Once payment is confirmed, we can then provide some reading material links, some more detail on the course and confirm their place on the course and starting details.
6.   They will also get access to a specific email address to which to send any further enquires  (Routed to Aisha and colleague).

Meet Kibita. She's 29 and a mother of a two year old boy.

As a result of a previous hip surgery, Kibtia was left with permanent nerve damage which lead to Foot Drop - the term given to muscular weakness or paralysis that makes it difficult to lift your foot or toes.

Due to her condition not being managed correctly, she developed a heel ulcer and sought medical help from her local surgery. Three years of being passed from doctor to doctor, incorrect diagnosis, treatments and medication she didn’t need meant Kibita’s condition became chronic.

Kibita came across founding icpm partner Dr. Aisha Wajahat’s website, the only qualified podiatrist working in Pakistan at the time. She traveled over four hours (ironically, on foot) with her toddler in tow. At the hospital, Aisha was able to give Kibita the vital treatment she needed - saving her foot from being amputated.


The diagnosis and treatment Kibita received was life-altering, meaning she could continue to provide for her family. For Aisha, this was the catalyst for starting icpm.


Pakistan has one of the highest rates of amputation in the world.

In Pakistan, 1 in 4 people suffer from diabetes, many are undiagnosed. The disease affects the body’s ability to heal and leaves sufferers prone to infection. If infections go untreated, there’s a greater risk of amputation. Many amputees need another surgery within five years and the early death rates for these people are high. Podiatrists are an essential part of the defence against this outcome.